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PRODUCTION POOL Vienna Full Service Production for Photo & Film

Production Pool is a global network of producers based across Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, Lisbon, Cape Town, Marrakech, and the Alps. With over 15 years of industry expertise, Production Pool delivers an extensive array of creative services, such as photo- and film production, art-buying and events. Having worked with renowned brands, artists, and agencies worldwide, their passion lies in fostering a vibrant and respectful environment on every set. "We are fully dedicated to the outcome of creative ideas and calmly take on every challenge, with a smile!"

Some of their clients: Adidas, Another Magazine, Bally, Birkenstock, Calida, Canada Goose, GQ, H&M, Loro Piana, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Oysho, Piaget, Purple, Sandro Paris, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Zalando, Zara.

Among Production Pool collaborators, you will find names such as: Benn Northover, Boo George, Carlijn Jacobs, Craig McDean, Daniel Riera, Franklin Stanley, Francesco Petroni, Jamie Hawkesworth, Joaquim Bayle, Jonas Unger, Lukas Wassmann, Mariano Vivanco, Mario Testino, Markus Jans, Matt Jones, Matteo Montanari, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Per Kasch, Sam Robinson, Sam Rock, Sean Thomas, Stian Foss, Tomas Lohr.

Making Of Vienna Artists Management & Photo Production

Founded 25 years ago by Martina Cerny, Making Of stands as a unique gem in Austria’s fashion and photography industry. As a pioneering styling and photo production agency, they pride themselves on unmatched versatility and innovation.

Martina Cerny, the heart and soul of Making Of, has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and sustainability. Her foresight in establishing comprehensive archives of clothing and props sets her team apart, enabling a more sustainable and contemporary approach to production.

Over the years, Making Of has conducted photo productions for major companies, including high-profile clients such as Casinos Austria, Palmers, Erste Bank, and Wiener Wohnen, showcasing the company's ability to meet the high standards and diverse needs of top-tier clients.

"As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, Making Of remains dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability, continuing to profoundly influence the Austrian creative scene."

Stefan Sappert Vienna Portrait & Celebrity Photographers

Stefan Sappert is based in the heart of Europe, in beautiful Austria; available all over Europe, US and Asia.

Stefan has been a portrait, entertainment and celebrity photographer for over a decade. He works with prestigious brands, shoots ads, campaigns, and editorials: his works appear in major publications and exhibitions around the globe.

Recognised twice among the 200 BEST Photographers globally by Lürzer's Archive, Stefan is also a Hasselblad Certified Creative and a recipient of multiple photography awards. As a master in vintage photography, he is sought after for his expertise in shooting handmade large format silver and glass wet-plate photos commercially.

Clients appreciate his creative inputs, the discreet approach to celebrity shoots, his reliability and the ability to work efficiently fast with a high quality output. He is collaborative, passion driven, an out-of-the-box thinker, a teamplayer and a fun guy to work with.

Getting the perfect shot doesn't stop behind the camera: Stefan is a passionate golfer and always up for hitting the links.

Karin Lohberger Upper Austria Corporate & Industrial Photographers

Karin Lohberger is an experienced business, corporate & industrial photographer from Upper Austria.

With a passion for people and a flair for capturing emotions together with her experience in professional photography, Karin successfully creates unique, modern and emotional imagery.

Karin loves to shoot on location or outdoors and is perfectly equipped for any tricky light situation. Through her creativity and her high demand for quality, she is always ready for new challenges and she looks forward to elevating your project with her photography and passion.

Her clients include Eternit/Swisspearl, Rotes Kreuz, RAG Austria, BIO Austria, BWT, Starlim-Sterner Werkzeugbau, Getränke Wagner Vending, Melecs EWS, Ebner Bau and many more.

Mona Lorenz Gmunden Food & Drink Photographers

Mona Lorenz operates her photo studio nestled in Austria's scenic Salzkammergut. While she loves studio work, she's equally enthusiastic about on-location shoots.

Since studying at the Graphische in Vienna, she has amassed 30 years of experience. A passion for photography still fuels her today; she isn’t one to stagnate. Mona continually evolves her visual storytelling and collaborates with a wide range of clients. Engagement is key for her; whether conversing with clients or partners, she delves deep to understand their products and the stories behind them. Collaboration is at the heart of her process, often teaming up with stylists, chefs, and food experts.

Mona refuses to be confined by labels or categories in her photography work. While she often captures tantalising food images, she's equally adept at documentaries or portraits. As she nears the end of a three-year project, 'Chimera', capturing the essence of a Greek island, Mona aims to revive the forgotten lives of its inhabitants. Far from mere 'ruin porn', it's a poignant photographic journey through time.

To see more of her recent work, visit her website or find her on Instagram and feel free to get in touch.

Stefan Leitner Graz Advertising, Fashion & Outdoor Photographers

Originally hailing from Graz, Austria, Stefan Leitner is a seasoned commercial photographer boasting a diverse portfolio.

His skill set spans sports, outdoor, tourism, studio, and fashion photography. Collaborating with trusted long-term partners, Stefan offers comprehensive production services, encompassing model management, booking, production coordination, post-production, film projects, makeup, and styling.

With extensive international exposure, Stefan has garnered a prestigious client roster  including Coca-Cola, FIFA, Visa, BMW, RedBull, Voest Alpine, Aldi, Bank Austria, The Ocean Race and more.

Beyond his photographic prowess, Stefan is renowned for making the finest tiramisu this side of Milan.

FILMQUARTIER WIEN Vienna Rental Studios & Event Locations

Seminars, events and films at FILMQUARTIER Vienna: Hollywood flair meets urban green oasis.

FILMQUARTIER Vienna is an extraordinary event location in the heart of Vienna, situated near the famous Naschmarkt.

Encompassing more than 5,000 m², it is home to 30 different lofts, studios and apartments, each with its unique charm. They captivate with ample natural light and a creative atmosphere, while the majority feature outdoor spaces nestled within the green courtyard. Whether you are seeking a large venue for a corporate event accommodating over 100 guests, an intimate seminar space, or a dynamic backdrop for a film production across various settings, FILMQUARTIER Vienna stands ready to bring your vision to life.

Recognised as a certified 'Green Location', FILMQUARTIER Vienna hosts hundreds of seminars, events and film productions annually, attracting esteemed clients like RedBull, BBC, Hermès Paris as well as KPMG.

f6 - The open factory. Vienna Rental Studios & Event Locations

f6 - The Open Factory is an open space for open people located in the heart of Vienna.

This special location with it’s New York flair is ideal for photo shoots, presentations, press conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, special events, castings, film shoots and more - the possibilities are endless.

White walls, concrete floor and steel colums are witnesses of the aspiring industrial age. After many years without use, it is the creative industry that revives this extraordinary location. They take use of what has already been useful 100 years ago – the daylight. The continuous glass roof provides perfect conditions for photography. Through a stairway you get to the first floor into a classical 100sqm loft, which has additional possibilities to offer. There are parking options in the backyard and deliveries are made easy through the big gate on the ground floor. Also the little courtyard in front can be used to shoot, hang out or to place a foodtruck during an event.

Further there is wifi, docking station, a nice spacious backstage room for styling and make-up, and a kitchen for catering.

For more info, please visit the website or follow on Instagram. Contact for bookings: Michaela Pichler or call +43 676 908 7877.

Hell Studio Graz Rental Studios

Hell is a daylight studio situated in the southwestern suburbs of Graz. Once an industrial site, it has been repurposed for photo and film production.

Its strategic central location, coupled with excellent transportation links and parking facilities right outside, renders it ideal for large-scale productions. Additionally, a direct entrance to the studio enhances accessibility.

Equipped with north-facing skylights, Hell ensures perfect and consistent lighting all day long. Moreover, its versatility shines as the studio can be swiftly darkened within minutes, offering flexibility beyond the brightness of daylight.