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Paraiso Productions Canary Islands Full Photo & Film Production Services

PARAISO PRODUCTIONS Production & Location Services offers full production support services, fit for any project in Spain and the Canary Islands.

“Managing and looking for solutions and quick turnarounds have become our best work reference. We have more than 25 years of experience of handling support for photo and video productions for our clients from around the world, providing reliable and cost-effective estimates, along with location references from anywhere in the Canary Islands and Spain.

The Canary Islands are like a miniature continent and has the best climatology in the world with almost any location you can imagine, desert, beach, city, architecture, countryside, roads, lakes, mountains, suburbs, chateaus and amazing interiors, and the most hours of daylight in Europe."

INEZZ Production Barcelona Full Photo & Film Production Services

With over 15 years of unparalleled experience in the industry, INEZZ Production stands for  excellence in production services across Spain.

"We are your one-stop solution for all your filming needs, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable production experience.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Expert casting: our extensive network allows us to find the perfect talent to bring your vision to life. From seasoned professionals to fresh faces, we handpick the best fit for your project.
  • Scenic locations: Spain is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes. We'll scout and secure the ideal locations that perfectly complement your storyline.
  • Efficient logistics: time is of the essence in the world of production. Our experienced team meticulously plans and executes every detail of your production schedule.
  • Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and passion for storytelling are reflected in every project we undertake.

Our clients include: Carolina Herrera, Zara Home, Kenzo, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Lancôme, Costes, IKKS, OVS, Audi, Douglas, Skoda, JBL, Sony, American Express, Princess Cruises and more."

Studio Volca Canary Islands Full Photo & Film Production Services

Studio Volca is a prominent full-service creative production company based in Lanzarote, catering to clients across the Canaries.

Their expertise has helped brands such as The North Face, Billabong, Wallpaper* and Red Bull bring their photography, film, video, and digital content productions to life in distinctive locations and landscapes.

With an extensive knowledge of the islands, encompassing locations, on-set production necessities, talent, equipment, accommodation, and catering, they offer a comprehensive production service. From meticulous planning and budget management to talent casting, and engaging creative and technical professionals, they cover all aspects. This includes location scouting, prop and equipment procurement, catering arrangements, accommodation coordination, vehicle rental, permits, and customised research.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure seamless shoots tailored to the specific creative visions and marketing strategies of their clients. Founded by a team of accomplished professionals with diverse backgrounds in photography, filmmaking, production, and project management, Studio Volca brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to every project. United by a deep appreciation for unique landscapes, culture, and history, the company's founders are dedicated to showcasing the island's allure and splendor through their craft.

Boudika Productions Canary Islands Full Photo & Film Production Services

"Boudika Productions, as a boutique production service company, turns your ideas into stunning visual experiences. With over 25 years in the game, our crew of seasoned pros brings a fresh and dynamic touch to films, high-profile commercials, fashion shoots, and music videos.

Collaborating with brands like Zara, Hyundai, The North Face, or Burberry, we showcase our ability to handle projects of any scale and style for global production companies such as Stink in Berlin, Zak Media in London, Chris Boals Artists in New York, The Box Films in Milan or Livetribe in LA and more.

We meticulously plan every detail of pre-production ensuring your vision comes to life seamlessly. Our deep local knowledge, particularly our strategic use of the jaw-dropping locations in the Canary Islands, serves as our secret weapon. These unique spots provide the perfect backdrop for any production, and our team ensures everything runs smoothly through efficient permit management and well-organized logistics, maximizing efficiency while staying within budget.

We embrace the latest technology and offer a full suite of services, from casting and crew management to top-notch equipment rentals. Our dedication and flexibility guarantee exceptional quality delivered on time for every production, no matter the size of the project.

For a partnership rooted in human creativity and connection, choose Boudika Productions. Explore our portfolio and services at Boudika Productions and ENJOY FILMING!"

Zapping Produccions Barcelona Full Photo & Film Production Services

This year, both the sports brand ASICS and the airline Volotea once again entrusted their international productions to Zapping Produccions.

For the ASICS campaign, Zapping Produccions' team traveled to Malaga to shoot the new photo campaign for the ASICS METASPEED+™ sneakers. Ginés and Yuriy were chosen by the Japanese brand for the photo shoots. Over two days filled with commitment and passion, the team was surrounded by their top runners, including French and Swedish champions Mekdes Woldu and Sarah Lahti, and world medalist Mo Katir. ASICS runners achieved new personal bests with the METASPEED+™, setting 27 personal records and four national records.

Volotea relied on Zapping's expertise for its summer photo and video commercials targeting the Italian, Greek, and French markets. The airline aimed to promote its new non-stop routes to Italian holiday destinations, seeking a cast of authentic and relatable individuals in dream locations featuring crystal-clear coves, family beaches, majestic cliffs, and green landscapes, all combined with the region's culture and gastronomy.

The ads, close and natural in style, have increased traffic on the client's channels and continue to air on major TV and radio media in Italy, Greece, and France.

MM Productions Spain - Italy Full Photo & Film Production Services

MM Productions are your visual story creative architects, and your go-to team for world-class photography and video.

Their services include logistics, equipment rental, location scouting, crew hiring, casting, catering, accommodation, and transportation for photo, video, and events.

Additionally, MM Productions provides full live-streaming services for any requirement, anywhere.

"We cater to the luxury and fashion industries, collaborating with top-notch photographers and delivering niche equipment for diverse needs.

Our forte lies in seamless location scouting, ensuring all necessary permits, and tackling challenges for flawless shoots. We are tech trendsetters, always equipped with the latest cameras mere days after launch.

At MM Productions, success is about exceeding expectations—transforming concepts into reality. Whether it's shooting scenes by the Colosseum or creating dynamic fashion campaigns, our dedication to precision and innovation sets us apart.

Imagine the best, we’ll take care of the rest!."

Let's Film Barcelona Commercial Productions, Directors & DOPs

Based in Barcelona, Let's Film is a well-known video production company that's been creating films since 2005, with a focus on sports and sustainability. Let's Film has been the creative powerhouse for brands across Spain, Italy, the UK, and the Middle East.

"From brainstorming to shooting and post-production, we handle it all. Our team of trusted professionals has been proven to be a winning choice for renowned brands like Nike, Puma/JD, Brooks, FIFA, Electronic Arts, Bosch, Mediaset, Eurosport, The Olympic Channel, and many more.

What sets us apart? Our smooth, sustainable, efficient production process and a team of seasoned experts with nearly two decades of experience. Whether it's commercials, social media video campaigns, documentaries, or branded content, we've done it all with skill and flair.

But beyond the big names, we prioritise creating a positive, collaborative atmosphere on set, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone involved. As the founder of Let's Film, Luca leads our versatile team in consistently exceeding clients' expectations."

Paragon Retouch Spain creative post production

Paragon Retouch Studio specialises in all kind of image editing: e-commerce content to hi-end editorial. Their main expertise: compositing photos with 3D and AI generated images.

Pablo Nordea Barcelona Lifestyle & Sports Photographers/Directors

Pablo Nordea is a photographer, director and DP based in Barcelona, Spain and available worldwide with more than 10 years of experience.

He does lifestyle, advertising and sports photography and films. In the last months he has worked with brands such as Voltaren, Nike, Carlsberg or BioTechUSA.

Pablo specialises in creating real stories with still and motion imagery. With these images, he creates scenes from a very cinematic point of view, involving the viewer in the story. In every shoot, he motivates the talent to create the natural atmosphere that the client wants to see, while coordinating all the compositional elements to achieve his photography style: natural, authentic, and candid.

Kunal Rajput Barcelona Still Life Photographers

Kunal Rajput is a Barcelona-based product photographer who specialises in capturing the essence of drinks and liquids with unparalleled detail. From the tantalising fizz of a perfectly poured beer to the glistening beads of condensation on a chilled cocktail, his photos invite you to experience the taste sensation with more than just your eyes.

Of late, he is using AI with his traditional workflow to craft hyper-realistic backgrounds that are placed in the physical sets along with the products and the foreground elements during the shoot, where everything is captured in-camera in real-time for a seamless integration.

For over 13 years, he has been shooting advertising campaigns collaborating with top brands, ad agencies and luxury boutiques like Diageo, The Body Shop, L’Oréal Paris, Oriflame Sweden, Oud Arabia Dubai, Publicis, HS Ad, Edelman, and more.

For a deeper look into his work and behind-the-scenes processes, one can visit his website, or if you have a project in mind where you would like to discuss his AI-Production workflow, please drop him a line – let's bring your vision to life!

Julio Bárcena Barcelona fashion photographers

Julio Bárcena works with brands, agencies and studios to showcase their products, ideas and universes in a creative and original way.

His particular style based on unpredictable framing and the use of light and shadow with vibrant colors makes him and his clients stand out immediately. He has incorporated the video as a new element into his work.

He is a creative photographer based in Madrid/Barcelona and is available internationally for commercial and editorial projects.

OpenBCN Studios Barcelona Rental Studios

OpenBCN Studios is a centrally located, boutique photo studio, nestled in a semi-pedestrian street for easy loading and unloading, which offers a unique blend of industrial charm and modern facilities. With a nine-meter wide cyclorama, state-of-the-art lighting, and motorised skylights for natural light control, the studio provides an ideal backdrop for photo shoots, film productions, interviews, and corporate events.

"Our work has graced the pages of prestigious publications like Vogue Portugal, Schön Magazine, Lemi, and L’Officiel, among others, showcasing the endless creative possibilities within our walls.

We are also positioning ourselves as one of the most unique event spaces in Barcelona. A testament to this is HMD choosing our studio as their meeting center during the MWC, using our venue for their presentation. This decision allowed them to stand out among tech giants like Samsung and Huawei, thanks to the distinctive character of our space.

Choose openbcn studios for your next production and join the ranks of esteemed brands and publications that have already discovered the exceptional quality and service we offer."

Tuset Studio Barcelona rental studios

Tuset Studio offers equipment rental and space rental in Barcelona. Five modern studios in three privileged locations to accommodate your needs from small, medium to large productions.

  • Tuset SuperStudio: The space includes two studios (1000 m2 and 500 m2)., totally equipped with the latest technology, including LED screens on permanent installation by Virtual Production, motorised Truss and lighting material from the biggest brands in the market.
  • Tuset Manhattan: 500m2 ground floor industrial set with 11m long x 8m width x 7m height cyclorama. A versatile space ideal for medium to large productions, spacious and flexible layout to accommodate various set designs. Located in the emblematic neighbourhood of Sagrada Familia.
  • Tuset Aribau: 400m2 penthouse loft with 7m long x 4,5, width x 4m height cyclorama, perfect for fashion and beauty clients and events. Situated in the heart of the city, it includes vehicle access directly to the studio & parking in the same building. Equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and dressing room.
  • Tuset Mini: 120m2, located in an iconic building in the heart of Barcelona. vehicle access directly to the studio & parking in the same building. Equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and dressing room. A versatile space for photoshoots, video, castings, e-commerce, and more.

Murasaki Agency Barcelona Artists' Management

Murasaki Agency is an agency for creative content Production and talent management.

With a long career in fashion styling, photography, trend analysis and online marketing, Murasaki Agency will cover all your bases needed for any content production.

"We do production, creative direction and styling for artists, campaigns, editorials and lookbooks; analysis of the latest trends in the field of fashion and consultancy in online marketing and visual marketing and creative fashion direction for individuals and fashion brands.

We have done editorials for more than 50 magazines worldwide, including Vogue, L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, Numero, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Nylon, Neo2, Carbon Copy, Vanidad and many more. We have also worked for brands and companies such as Viktor & Rolf, Burberry, Cartier, WGSN, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, Mussi, Santa-Crux, Cliqué, Katakkasu, Black Limba and Rio Athletics, among others."

Represented by Murasaki Agency Silvia Sandino Barcelona Stylists/ fashion

Silvia Sandino wears many hats: founder and creative director of Murasaki Agency, producer, creative consultant, digital and content marketeer and head fashion stylist. She has worked in Milan, New York, Colombia and Barcelona.

She has worked with more than 40 magazines worldwide, including: L'Officiel, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Nylon, Neo2, Contributor, Carbon Copy, Beauty Rebel, Made by MilkStudios, Vanidad, and Nasty Magazine, amongst many others. She has worked for amazing companies such as Viktor & Rolf, Tommy Hilfiger, and WGSN (the biggest trend forecasting agency in the world).

Silvia has been interviewed and featured as a creative in L'Officiel, Style Papers, Zola Magazine and Viziomag. Her photography work has been shown in multiple exhibits worldwide.

Petunia HOTEL Ibiza hotels

“Far from the norm, and without ostentation. Petunia is different. Starting with its location, facing Es Vedrà. The islet sets the tone, like a landmark. Ibiza-style living follows. Quietness – around the pool, in the lush gardens, around the nearby calas... Vibrancy – from its restaurants and the arty seventies rooms.

Today, Petunia is reborn. Thanks to the work of Studio Galeón, the hotel is reconnecting with its location and its history. On the one hand, the serenity of lush gardens, balconies and private terraces. On the other, the 70's eclecticism of the 42 rooms & suites and the vibrant spirit of the three restaurants, wide open to the surrounding nature, between traditionally immaculate walls and pops of personality. A striking revival.

Having fun. Petunia cultivates it. Simply, and directly. Starting with the gardens. From olive trees and rosemary bushes to lavender, chaste trees and the organic vegetable garden, full of fresh herbs, tomatoes, carrots, and artichokes... At every corner observing, smelling, listening and tasting is a source of great pleasure.”