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7 Mountains Zermatt – Gstaad – St. Moritz - Chamonix Production Services for Photo & Film

Imagine capturing the breathtaking beauty of the Alps, from the majestic peaks of Zermatt to the luxurious slopes of St. Moritz. For the past decade, 7 Mountains Productions has made this dream a reality.

7 Mountains has been lovingly crafted over the past decade, spanning the entirety of the Alps and produced primarily in Switzerland, Italy, and France. With additional offices in Chile and Argentina, they are uniquely positioned to offer back-to-back shoots in Patagonia and the Alps, as demonstrated recently for the US brand Free People. While specialising in snow shoots, particularly on glaciers in both summer and winter, they also undertake productions in larger cities such as Montreux and Geneva. The latter was the site of their most recent production for the UK’s online fashion brand Varley, set in the iconic Beau Rivage Hotel, a location straight out of an Agatha Christie crime thriller.

What sets 7 Mountains apart is its extensive location database and its exceptional team on the ground, which includes mountain guides, ski instructors, and experienced producers. Their close connections with chalet owners, gondola companies, and—never to be underestimated—the local farmers who offer their land, cattle, and forests, make them unparalleled in the industry.

Contact 7 Mountains to discover more about Gstaad, St. Moritz, and Zermatt.

ALL IN Production Zurich Production Services for Photo & Film

ALL IN Production, proudly rooted in the picturesque city of Zurich, Switzerland, has long established its reputation as a female-driven powerhouse.

With a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly on-set supplies and a comprehensive awareness concept, they are dedicated to creating secure and joyful work environments.

"The past months have been a whirlwind of innovative concepts and creative productions for a diverse range of artists and clients. We've had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed photographers such as Sandro Baebler, Petrovsky&Ramone, Anders Hallberg, Jonathan Heyer, and many more."

ALL IN Production is thrilled to present some of their latest campaign triumphs, boasting collaborations with esteemed clients like CALIDA, Four Seasons Magazine, and Samsung among their recent highlights.

Whether scouting for unique locations or crafting original concepts for film and photography, ALL IN Production consistently delivers whatever and whoever is needed.

"We can do it ALL."

Thomas Baumann Zurich Portraiture & Lifestyle Photographers

As a freelance photographer specialising in portraiture, Thomas Baumann is passionate about capturing authentic and candid moments that truly represent his clients. His work focuses on visualising stories in a way that transports the viewer into the setting and mood of the moment.

He takes pride in producing high-class visual solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. He delivers exceptional images that communicate your message effectively. His approach is not just about taking pictures; it’s about creating a visual narrative that resonates with the audience. Let him turn your vision into stunning photographs that stand out and tell your story with authenticity and style.

Thomas’ work has been featured in print, online, social media and international campaigns. Among his clients are global and local companies as well as agencies and magazines like Der Spiegel, Bilanz, Nagra, Air Zermatt, Air Glacier, British Airways, Hamilton International, NZZ am Sonntag, Migros, and Swiss Television SRF.

See more of his recent work on his website or follow him on Instagram or just get in touch to discuss the details of your upcoming project.

Klaus Peterlin South Tyrol advertising photographers

Klaus Peterlin is a renowned professional in the fields of videography, photography, and concept creation, operating both in Italy and internationally. Based in Italy - South Tyrol, Klaus collaborates with a wide range of clients, including luxury brands, advertising agencies, food still magazines, and editorial sectors.

Klaus Peterlin assists his clients at every stage of the creative process, offering services in art direction, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering, and a real professional studio as location.

Driven by passion above all, Klaus and his team of highly skilled producers strive to make every production a stress-free experience. His unique approach and ability to think outside the box set him apart from the rest. Passion, efficiency, and cost-awareness define Klaus's way of working, providing tailored and customised solutions for each client.

Mirjam Kluka Zurich Portrait, Beauty & Fashion Photographers

"Driven by an impulse to capture the beauty in my subjects, my goal is to infuse my work with a balance of playfulness and concentration."

Mirjam Kluka, born in 1981 in Aarau, Switzerland, is an independent photographer specialising in portrait, beauty, and fashion. She works and lives in Zurich and travels the world for her craft.

A Swiss photographer of Czech origin, Mirjam photographs what she loves most: people. Her compassion, warmth, and positive personality create an atmosphere on set that fosters profound trust, resulting in unique and authentic images.

APIX Fotografie Zurich Outdoor & Architecture Photographers & Videographers

Alex Buschor is an experienced photographer with over 20 years of expertise, specialising in architecture, interior, and outdoor sports photography. In architectural photography, he collaborates with renowned companies such as Engel & Völkers, JLL, mepp Architects, and Farner Agency.

In the outdoor sector, Alex is one of the leading photographers in mountain biking and has completed numerous exciting projects with magazines like Ride and Born. He completed his photography training in Adelaide, Australia.

Alex Buschor not only produces high-quality images, but also creates video footage for complete productions in the outdoor/sports sector. Additionally, he produces 360-degree videos of real estate and offers virtual staging for empty properties upon request.

Daniel Infanger Basel Portrait & Corporate Photographers & Directors

"Recently, we've been busy with a variety of projects in film and photography:

We returned from Paris, where we collaborated with stylist and set designer Nina Sommer on assignments and personal projects, including a captivating black-and-white portrait series.

For the renowned artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, we produced press photos and film sequences, highlighting his innovative works and unique style. Coop Mineraloel's nationwide employer branding campaign featured our dynamic film and photography, showcasing shop owners as the faces of their businesses both online and in print.

At UPK Basel, we created a comprehensive print and web campaign aimed at recruiting new employees and sharing the experiences of current staff. Nouvel Été concept store's photography and cinematic reels captured their stylish and innovative products.

We photographed jazz pianist Michael Arbenz's album cover, capturing his musical journey and blend of traditional and contemporary styles. For Wolfwolf, the two-man garage blues trash punk band, we documented the creation of their album cover, marking the impactful collaboration between artists Barbara and Heini Gut."

Barcino Management Europe Model Agency #MORETHANMODELS

"Finding the perfect talent for your project is not an easy task. Fortunately, at Barcino, we have the ideal formula to help you with this.

Explore our latest campaigns and discover our newly released talents across Europe."