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“Niall Horton-Stephens about Production Paradise”

Niall Horton-Stephens, Photo Agent, London

“Giorgio Mugnai about Production Paradise”

Giorgio Mugnai, Art Buyer - Hello Lola, Barcelona

“Lisa Pritchard about Production Paradise”

Lisa Pritchard, LPA, London

“Philipp Bierbaum about Production Paradise”

Philipp Bierbaum, Damn & Bierbaum, Frankfurt

“Henrik Jessen about Production Paradise”

Henrik Jessen, Bellanopolis, Paris

“Raul Chapa about Production Paradise”

Raul Chapa, Green is Good, Mexico City

“I'm thrilled to know that the Production Paradise marketplace allows us to insert ads! This is fantastic and is exactly what the industry needed.”

Anja Oltmanns, Art Director, Hamburg

“Cara Anne Specker about Production Paradise”

Cara Anne Specker, Art Buyer - Havas Worldwide, Zurich

“Production Paradise knows the everyday business challenges by promoting and connecting the diversity and most professional companies around the globe having the same goals, working and sharing only the best creations. A Paradise which leads to great connections.”

Victor Gonzalez, Victorious Productions, Tulum

“Jean Cazals about Production Paradise”

Jean Cazals, Food Photographer, London

“Victor Wang about Production Paradise”

Victor Wang, Blast Digital Studio, San Francisco

“Julie van Damme about Production Paradise”

Julie van Damme, EuroConnection, Cape Town

“Sarah Thompson about Production Paradise”

Sarah Thompson, Art Buyer - Creative Blood Agency, London

“Dan Bigelow about Production Paradise”

Dan Bigelow, Corporate & Industrial Photographer, New York

“Emma Buckland about Production Paradise”

Emma Buckland, Agent Emma, Cape Town

“Richard Brekelmans about Production Paradise”

Richard Brekelmans, W Hotel, Barcelona

“Jamie Stephen about Prodution Paradise”

Jamie Stephen, JSR, London

“Peyman Amin about Production Paradise”

Peyman Amin, Pars Management, Munich

“This May we were looking for a studio and wrote to Production Paradise. We have high demands for a rehearsal space, because we have a lot of special moments in our show, so it was not an easy task to do. Production Paradise was very helpful and put us in touch with a great studio in Copenhagen! Studio was exactly the place we were looking for! Everybody was so kind and helped us with every question. I want to say thank you to everybody who made our rehearsal perfect! We really appreciate this and will work with you again and again. ”

Azerbaijan international delegation for Eurovision-2013, Eurovision 2013, Bangkok

“Our listing on Production Paradise has more than paid for itself. We are so happy with the amount of attention our company has received as a result. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago we were contacted by a magazine looking for location scouting services which then turned into full service production and what looks to be a long lasting relationship. When asked where they found us they said: Production Paradise! Production Paradise is a vital tool for anyone in the industry both as a reliable resource and PR.”

Sophia Gholz, SGM Productions, New York

“Lately, our traffic has been AMAZING! You guys have been key for us in getting our name out there.”

BP Media Production, BP Media Production, Miami