Amsterdam - Services for Photo & Film Production

Locdep specialises in providing customised vans and location equipment for film and photo productions, ranging from 12 metre-long mobile production base camps (including toilets, wardrobe and make-up, and lunch space for 25 people), to small drive-it-yourself photo buses. Additionally, the company offers a range of drive-it-yourself mini-vans with location equipment as well as food trucks and mini-vans to transport any crew.

Locdep even has two boats to support shoots on water or to cruise around the canals in after a hard day’s work.

The team can help find specialised crews: first assistants, hair and make-up artists, DOPs, location scouts, stuntmen, divers, production assistants and runners.

"All in all, Locdep provides professional and full-package support to best accommodate your shoot in the middle of nowhere, or at the centre of everything!"