Delight Rental Services S.L. Andalucia

Marbella - Berlin - Stuttgart - EQUIPMENT RENT FOR PHOTO & FILM

Delight Rental Services provides maximum support for professional photo and video productions in Marbella, Stuttgart, Berlin, and on-demand worldwide.

DRS' permanently extending portfolio located in Spain is focused on the special needs of productions in southern Europe and northern Africa, giving clients daily access to many valuable little helpers as well as tonnes of lighting, styling and production equipment.

Being in close contact with Delights’ specialists for camera and film gear in Germany, clients will also find a perfect match in DRS Andalucia for their video productions.

Coming up in October at Delight Rental Services: Atlas Lens Co., Orion Series A Anamorphic Primes, and Zeiss Supreme Prime Lenses.

"Regardless of whether you're a photographer, film-maker, producer, stylist or outfitter, Delight Rental Services will serve your needs, supplying a huge range of digital, lighting, production and styling equipment."