711 rent

Hamburg - Photo & Film Equipment Rentals

711rent's new homepage is now online. The site features a brand new layout and includes an online calculator, user-friendly newsletter tool, directions to its shop locations and lots of additional information about equipment.

711rent has also improved its car fleet with a modular storage system, enabling clients to combine tables for digital operators or make-up artists with clothes racks and shelving for the safe transportation of equipment, styling materials and props.

711 can also supply mobile Internet access via a wireless-Lan router. Combined with a UMTS card, clients can plug-in and surf from anywhere in the world.

As an alternative to its Sinar P3 large format digital system, 711rent has added a Cambo Wide DS with 24mm lens to its equipment range, fitting Hasselblad H-based digital backs like the Phase One P45+ or Hasselblad H3D39II.