Munich - Photo & Film Production

DPRODUCTION, based in Munich, was founded in 2007 by Rena Motschmann to provide a full range of photo production services in the south of Germany and selected locations abroad.

Rena Motschmann believes in exclusive, individual and customisable services, covering the unique requirements and individual conveniences of her clients and projects. DPRODUCTION services include:

  • Production management - overseeing projects from planning to accounting.
  • Art Buying - recommending and booking the team required to complete a specific project.
  • Production - multiple services can be booked individually or as a package: casting, model booking, location scouting, production management, travel booking, catering, car parking and drivers, assistants, set runners, equipment, permits and insurance.

Latest project: Location stock scouting, spring/summer 2008.
Upcoming: Production services for children's collection Cisono. Photographer: Simone Schneider. Location: Munich and Bavaria.