Giesing Team

Dusseldorf - Services Photo & Film

Established in Munich in 1988, and with an additional branch in Düsseldorf, the Giesing Team is a celebrated and highly-reputable audio production firm. The company specialises in the production of complete sound designs and mixing and mastering for television and cinema commercials, as well as audio books featuring some of Germany's top vocal talents.

Through its close collaboration with partner firms Trailerhouse and Mona Davis, the Giesing Team is one of Germany's main producers of cinema trailers and delivers stunning musical compositions and scores. The long list of its revered clients includes McDonald's, Columbia TriStar, Sony, Buena Vista, Constantin Film and Mercedes-Benz, among many others.

The Giesing Team has won numerous prestigious awards for its productions, both national and international, and is known for its friendly yet efficient workflow.