Production Plan

Munich - Photo & Film Production

Production Plan is a full-service production company based in Munich.

The team and their network partners provide professional location and production services worldwide. The company's portfolio covers every kind of advertising photography, including transportation, people, fashion, and more. A comprehensive list of clients includes the most demanding of international customers.

Latest highlights:

  • Porsche - Photographer: Torsten Klinkow. Location: Germany.
  • HDI-Gerling - Photographer: Anatol Kotte. Locations: Germany, Spain, and Sweden.
  • Mercedes-Benz - Photographer: Conrad Piepenburg. Locations: Spain, France, and the USA.
  • VW-Multivan - Photographer: Torsten Klinkow. Locations: Germany, Italy, and Portugal.
  • Natuzzi - Photographer: Mathias Baumann. Location: Italy.
  • VKB - Photographer: Tom Nagy. Location: Germany.