Günther Raupp

Stuttgart - Cars and Lifestyle Photographers

Günther Raupp is well known for his automotive and lifestyle photography as well as his unique style and use of light. He is one of the very few elite car photographers working all over Europe and the United States. His impressive list of references ranges from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen. His experience spans to location shootings in California, Utah, Florida, the Arctic Circle, the Sinai Peninsula, South Africa, China, Spain, Nice, Venice or even at Lake Garda. He has worked in studios in Hollywood, Detroit, Chicago, London, Munich, Turin and Madrid. 

Günther enjoys an international reputation for calendars. It is common knowledge that only the Pirelli and Ferrari calendars have achieved ultimate cult status within their target group: but only Günther has exclusively photographed every Ferrari calendar over all the years. With his COVID-19 safe certified production team, he’s actually very busy shooting the 2022 Ferrari calendar.

Günther’s most important accessory still is – his eye! He simply loves being a photographer, every day, and on every project. His passion is driven by photos that excite and convey a pure, unique message.

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