Thies Rätzke Images

Hamburg - Corporate & Industrial Photographers and Film Production

Thies Rätzke is a corporate and industrial photographer working nationally and internationally out of his studio in Hamburg for enterprises, organisations, agencies and magazines.

With a specialisation in logistics, he photographs and films production facilities and industrial landscapes, vehicles and vessels, machines and technology, work processes with or without people, office environments and buildings of large companies as well as promising start-ups, portraits of CEOs, craftsmen and other personalities.

His work can be found in all forms of cross-media corporate communications and marketing such as annual and sustainability reports, image campaigns, advertising, employer branding or customer magazines. Clients include Hapag-Lloyd, MAN Truck & Bus, Mercedes, Securitas.

Thies owns waders, a tuxedo, several safety vests and helmets in various colours, likes to fly drones and helicopters, has a team of four, an altitude certificate, a diving license and a balloonist certificate, enjoys climbing container bridges, wind turbines and ladders, has been in sewerage and clean rooms, can do a headstand and laugh.