Flink Studios

Cairo - Full Service Film Production and Post Production

Mohamed Elwy and Omar A. Rashed co-founded Flink in 2017 with a common goal in mind: stepping away from standard content, telling stories that stick, and delivering these stories with a purpose.

Today, Flink is a one-stop creative house specialised in video production from script to screen, rising through the ranks to become a global player in the creative and advertising industries.

Think you’ve watched it all? "Flink" again.

While others cram bullet-point key messages into template storyboards, this creative house produces trend-setting epics that turn brands into obsessions using a strategic awareness of buyer personas and incentives. A picture is worth a thousand words and a moving picture is worth a million, but an inspiring moving picture is priceless.


  • Creative direction: "Today’s brands aim to wow in under eight seconds. Challenge accepted."
  • Video production: "Big ideas deserve big execution. That’s where Flink comes in."
  • Post-production: "Post propels the story and turns ideas into content that sticks."
  • Motion graphics and animation: "Animation is only limited by imagination. Our creativity knows no limits."