Hoops Productions


Primed and ready to go on any of your production and creative content requirements. Hoops Productions will take your brief and marry it to the “where, when & how” all within an affordable realistic budget.

Despite multiple waves of pandemic mania, Hoops managed to punch through a pretty epic season of great fun and adventure with some outdoor and fashion brands. UK megastore GO Outdoors brought never ending adventure from mountain tops for core gear, to the city for active wear, to greener pastures for active leisure’ to camping and glamping and finally to the beach, including above and below the waves.

Iconic sports fashion brand Ellesse saw the team heading through various sports arenas, graphic and colourful urban locations, beautiful beaches and a middle of nowhere cracked earth desert pan. Hoops saw epic scale and graphic lines in a huge working harbour with Nautica Competition. Keeping with the ocean theme, the team stepped it up a notch into Mediterranean style marinas and open ocean sailing, ending up on a sublime luxury house boat on a serene lagoon with Nautica.

"A huge thank you to everyone involved who we see as extended family, looking forward to working with all of you again soon and welcoming in the new family this coming summer season."