Brenda Yin

Taipei - Portraiture and Fashion Photographers

Since she was a child, Brenda has always had a keen passion for the visual arts. What initially began as an uncomplicated enjoyment of drawing and painting, progressively built into an enchantment with photography, video and filmmaking; she later graduated in Mass Communication. Today, an appreciation, and even an obsession, for industrial, graphic, fashion and interior design can be found in her photography.

"Inspiration for my art emerges from a thoughtful examination of broadcast and digital media. Film, music, television, and all forms of internet and mobile communication are among the sources. However, far beyond the ordinary, my photography is contemplative, reflective and introspective. Even in my observations of people and their everyday interactions, I am able to cleverly and uniquely focus on the eccentricities and peculiarities of life."

Susan Sontag’s writings provide perhaps the greatest influence in Brenda's approach to photography. Sontag said that “life is not significant details, illuminated by flash, fixed forever. Photographs are." In her own art, Brenda has embraced this philosophy.