Dieter Brasch

Vienna - Food & Drink and Advertising Photographers

"The Corona pandemic presents us all with a new challenge and we now need to find the right way to help each other in the future, so our work can continue being succesful."

As a creative person, Dieter Brasch has always been familiar with the advantages of technology and has used the digital possibilities as a means of communication to be able to work for customers across geographical distances. These skills allow him to develop a clear understanding of his customers' needs.

Dieter believes that behind every critical situation there is always a creative solution. He would like to maintain his work philosophy and implement his ideas in his work, because that is his ultimate goal.

At the moment, full of enthusiasm, Dieter Brasch is working on his new calendar project for 2021, about the World Heritage-listed Mexican Cuisine. Photography remains a source of inspiration and excitement for Dieter.