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The film industry is taking over Barcelona.
At the moment there are eight films in different stages of production that Barcelona Plató Film Commission has had the pleasure to help during the past weeks:

The film 'Lo mejor que le puede pasar a un cruasán' by Paco Mir.
Action TV-movie 'Artheist' by Drimtim.
'Febrer', in hands of La Productora at the Gran Casino of Barcelona.
'La mala educación' by Academy award winner Pedro Almodóvar.
'Mar Rojo' with actress Maribel Verdú and produced by Diagonal TV. 'Roma Santa', produced by Filmax and directed by Paco Plaza.
'Entre vivir y soñar' by Rodar y Rodar.
'Ouija', produced by Eleven Dreams.
'The Machinist', by Castelao Productions.
'Cuidado con esos tres', by ICC and starring again José Coronado. 'Against the tide', a documentary film about George Orwell.
'Hot Milk', Ricardo Bofill's polemical opera prima.

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