Stereorent Barcelona event production

Stereorent was charged to carry out the audiovisual coverage of the 13th edition of La Marató of TV3. The 2004 edition was posted to raise funds for the fight against cancer, and it happened to be the biggest money raiser in its history, with 7,436,881 euros. Throughout the whole day the donations could be seen rising up the scoreboard, consisting of a 10mm resolution screen, of 8x2 panels (5.12 metres wide by 1 metre high). A giant 6mm resolution screen of 12 square metres was also installed, showing different videos.

Thanks to the success of the screens, the producers of TV3 bet once again for Stereo Rent, installing three large 6mm resolution screens, two covering more than 20 square metres and another of 14 square metres, creating a modern stage for El Métode Larson. The programme was hosted by the well-known Miquel Calzada, who showed a new method to quit smoking.

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