They Produce

Vancouver - Photo & Film Production

THEY PRODUCE is a production company based in Vancouver, Canada, specialising in photo and video production for advertising, fashion and celebrity shoots

'TOM and GRANT' the short film, as well as 'TRANSformation', a fashion-based transgender documentary, are the company's latest film productions, due to be released in 2019.

THEY was founded by photo and film producer Gina Hole Lazarowich in 2004. Gina has worked in photography and film for 30+ years and has produced, cast and location managed photo and video shoots for GQ, Interview, Shortlist, Sharpe, TV Guide, American Apparel, Cotswold Outdoor, Huawei, Huggies, Humira, Luumi, MEC, Molson, Moose Knuckles, P&G, Sky Team, Target and Willowbrook Mall.

Film/video/green screen/gallery productions include Luumi (photo and video campaign), 'Dirk Gently' TV (photo and video content galleries), 'X-Men Apocalypse' film (photo, online content and video galleries), 'TRANSformation' (documentary),  and 'TOM & GRANT' (short film).