Tracy Cox

Toronto - Food & Drink Photographers and Directors

Authentic, approachable and natural is how acclaimed food photographer Tracy Cox describes her work. “I’m passionate about capturing the essence of food,” she says.

Drawn to the elemental attributes of what we eat, Tracy focuses on its sustaining pleasures and fleeting nature. “If ice cream starts to melt while I’m shooting it, so be it. If there are soup spills and smatterings of cracker crumbs in a shot, all the better.” It is this resolutely real approach that has garnered Tracy’s studio an international clientele that includes some of the biggest names in food and style.

As her global portfolio expands, Tracy retains her signature hands-on manner. “Julia Child said that if food is so beautifully arranged on a plate, you know someone’s fingers have been all over it. I love that! It alludes to what everyone suspects: there’s a lot going on behind the scenes of food photography."