CAPE TOWN ISSUE 226 Jul 2010

Prinz Productions Cape Town photo production

Prinz Productions has been busy with many diverse projects completed and lots more in the pipeline:

  • Texman and Tojeksperten shot by photographers Christina Bull Nielsen and Anders Kavin.
  • Bon a Parte and Funny Kids shot by Thora Knudsen.
  • Schwab photographed by Jens Schmidt.
  • Takko photographed by Holger Friedrich.
  • Three teams from Otto shot by Sven Jacobsen, Sam Bisso and Bodo Rickassel.
  • Silver Cross shot by Kate Abbey.
  • Test shoots for Torsten Orendt and Antti Viitala.
  • FHM editorial involving very rare white African lion cubs shot by Jens Schmidt.
  • Kyle Christy shot stills for the film Blue Crush 2 in Port Edward.
  • FIFA World Cup documentary with Irish Producer Evan Mcauliffe.

Prinz is now running productions in Lisbon. With its fantastic weather and varied locations, beaches with festive bars, historical buildings, forests and modern streets, Portugal is cheaper than other European destinations and, of course, production friendly. The company has teams booked for July and will be there between March and October every year. Visit the website for more information.

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