Vision Unltd. creative worx - VUCX

Cologne - Full Service Digital Agencies

Vision Unltd. Creative Worx - VUCX - is a full service agency headquartered in Cologne, with satellites in Belgrade and New York City. Since its foundation in 1993, VUCX has designed interactive experiences in the advertising and branding fields, B2B and B2C, seamlessly connecting the analogue and digital worlds. The VUCX team comprises over 20 employees from seven countries worldwide, and has more than 50 international clients.

VUCX is an innovation-driven hybrid, bringing strategy - Vision Unltd. - and creative design execution - Creative Worx - together in one company. The agency centres on design, interactive media, rich media content, game production, as well as branding and online marketing.

Media convergence and interdisciplinary thinking are important aspects of the corporate culture in which teamwork and creativity are essential to its work. VUCX technology specialists bring state-of-the-art knowledge to each project. With this set-up, VUCX is facing the future, able to respond to the demands of constantly changing international and local markets.