Welcome to the latest issue of Showcase Copenhagen, brought to you by Production Paradise. We present the very best of Danish visual media industry, with more information available in our Photo and Film directories. Blink and Duckling Post Production are featured on our directories' homepage.

In this Showcase we present the leading companies and top professionals currently working in Copenhagen: Alastair Philip WiperAnders Bergh, Blink, Creamwork, Egon Gade Photography, Graceland Productions, Heartbreak ManagementINQ Models, Jesper Gronnemarks, Kam International, Kenneth Oeksnebjerg, Kolibri Film, Lukas RenlundMax Rosborg, Mikkel Bache, Pholk, Territorium, The Grasshopper Studio, The Lab and Wax Factory Studios.

Our cover photo was shot by Jonas Jensen represented by Nordstrøm.