Mette Boesgaard

Copenhagen - Illustration, Stop Motion

Mette Boesgaard is an artist and she works in the field of Illustration. Her passion for fashion and her feminine and contemporary touch has gained her much respect in the field and she loves the process from idea to final artwork.

She graduated from the Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark in 2003 and has since worked in Copenhagen as an art director and illustrator. Mette Boesgaard is a skilled freehand illustrator but she uses the computer as well - taking advantage from both.

Mette Boesgaard’s illustrations have some kind of roughness in a very feminine universe - using the perfectly controlled pencil in combination with the uncontrollable and rough ink. Her colour palette is rich and varied and she always has a contemporary and fashion-forward edge.

Mette Boesgaard has worked on everything from packaging and in-store posters to advertising campaigns and fashion editorials for ELLE magazine.

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