DUBAI ISSUE 654 Jun 2017

Markus Heimbach Dubai photographers

Markus Heimbach, originally from Hamburg, Germany and now based in Dubai, is a passionate photographer working between the Middle East and Europe.

As a son of a geologist, Markus spent his childhood in Jordan and developed a deep attachment to this part of the world which to him never lost its intense attraction. Having completed his training as a photographer in Hamburg and -  being a citizen of the world - working on all continents, he would always come back to the Middle East: particularly the United Arab Emirates and Oman, where he captures the soul and the heartbeat of the landscape and the people and follows its rapid development.

In his three newest projects Markus portraits three different realities in Dubai. He experiments in the desert putting into focus its inhabitants - camels - in combination with sun, shadow and sand. He captures the unique and diverse lifestyle of Dubai reflecting its vibrant pulse, and he follows the innovative structures and surprising developments in architecture polished by sun and water.

Markus' assignments and interests are widespread, while his clients - Dubai Police, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Lufthansa, MAF Clinics, Travel Guide Magazine - appreciate the variety he is able to offer.

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