Renata Pepper

Paris - Services Photo & Film

"Natively bilingual freelance producer. We specialise in working with international crews coming to shoot in France.

Line Production, production management, location management, location scouting, fixer services.

Available to you:

  •  10 years' experience in the French industry.
  •  Natively bilingual producer with a niche for producing international projects in France.
  •  Established relationships with local crew and suppliers on the ground.
  •  Expertise with a flair for finding perfectly suited locations to your project.
  •  A carefully crafted network with the most famous landmarks in Paris and beyond.
  •  A tailor-made service cater to your needs.

Languages spoken: English (native), French (native), German (working standard).

Project types: Film, TV, commercials, music videos, fashion photo shoots."