GERMANY ISSUE 107 Mar 2008

711 rent Hamburg equipment rent

711rent Hamburg has moved into a new space. Centrally located, with access to ample parking and a covered loading area, photo professionals now have 5000 square feet in which to check out the newest equipment or enjoy an espresso whilst browsing through the latest photographic books in the new 711rent bookshop.

  • More Hamburg news: New vehicles especially designed for photography are available, along with digital workflow and passenger vans.
  • Düsseldorf news: More digital equipment, including the Phase One P45+, Sinar P3, and newest Canon EOS Mark 3 are all available for rent.
  • International news: 711rent also offers its services in Amsterdam. In its new space in the heart of the city, the same expertise and range of products can be found as in the company's flagship German stores.

The experienced 711rent team operate long business hours and also provide a 24/7 emergency service, including reliable transportation systems, freight solutions and facilities, customs clearing, Apple computers, gas generators, and more.

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