GERMANY ISSUE 107 Mar 2008

Aplanat Galerie für Fotografie Hamburg associations & events

Two new exhibitions will soon arrive at the Aplanat Photography Gallery.

Roland Pleterski, "Drawn by the light" - until 29th March.
Trained as a fashion artist, Peterski left Austria for New York at the beginning of the 1950's. He became Irving Penn's assistant, and Peterski's elegant, statically-staged photographs, (known through Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and other high-end fashion magazines), are unmistakeably influenced by the work of the great photographer and personal friend. His work grew to include cityscapes, travel reports and later, more and more nude photography, but Pleterski's pictorial world remained dominated by 'glamorous people and places'.

Jay Mark Johnson, "Space and Timelessness" - 10th April until 24th May.
In his new work "Space and Timelessness", Jay Mark Johnson takes subjects that have engaged the imaginations of artists for centuries - the bustle of the piazza, the routines of the countryside - and transforms them, employing the technology of the computer age, into visual narratives that astonish the eye. Using slit-scan photography techniques, whereby prolonged exposure synthesises all the movement in front of the lens, the resulting photographs incorporate the dimension of time - in effect freezing it.

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