GERMANY ISSUE 139 Dec 2008

Delight Rental Services Berlin equipment rent

Rapid flash sequences, sensationally fast recycling time, ultra short flash duration and a 10 f-stop power range in 1/10 or full stops - the new Profoto Pro 8a Air Generators are ready for use at DRS. Besides high resolution Phase One backs and the Hasselblad H3D, DRS also holds the complete Sinar Hy6 system. Its shockproof shutter with flash synchronisation - up to and including 1/1000 seconds - is exceptional. A variety of special features such as the easily adjustable handgrip, focus bracketing or the rotating digital back make the camera unique. Friends of Phase One can look forward to the P65+ as DRS will be one of the first rental dealers to offer the back.

The return-box system is a new feature at DRS and looks to provide customers with even greater convenience. Equipment can now be brought back at any time outside the company's regular opening hours. Clients simply use a numerical code to store their material in a special safe-like room with anti-theft mechanisms.

Productions at the Delight Rental Studios in the heart of Berlin are as convenient as ever - DRS rental equipment is ready for production, thus eliminating any transport or return issues. The shots featured in this Showcase were taken during a production by photographer Otello Annigoni for Zwilling.

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