GERMANY ISSUE 491 Sep 2014

[zerone] Hamburg - Dusseldorf Post Production + CGI

This showcase features the following recent projects from [zerone]: 

Frank Schemmann and Geometry Global/Düsseldorf teamed-up with [zerone] to create new imagery for the Otelo campaign with Günter Netzer, a legendary #10 in german soccer.

Tobias Haberland shot several Mercedes Benz models for the new 4matic campaign in collabaration with Jung von Matt.

Cquadrat photographers Christopher Thomas and Christoph Adler (directed by Katja Frings, Benjamin Lutz and Serviceplan Munich) have been staging the new BMW X6. Due to the location, some cars had to be rendered and the goal was that no one could notice a difference between the real shots and CGI.

Andreas Hempel was up all night to log of 24 hours of Le Mans on camera on behalf of Michelin and TBWA Paris.

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