GERMANY ISSUE 630 Dec 2016

Wim Woeber Cologne Cars and People Photographers

"If it moves, it’s a task for Wim Woeber. If not, use WD40 or ask a still-lifer!"

Cars, people, children - how can one be specialised in such different categories? The simple link: it‘s all moving. Understanding both advertising and editorial, Wim’s goal is to comprehend his subjects, either cars, planes, children or personalities. This guarantees well planned assignments, great photos and satisfied clients.

He has worked out of his Cologne studio or on location for 20 years, and his permanent team consists of a renowned post-producer and a web developer to cover clients' every need.

As cars belong on the road, he captures movement and dynamics with his team of highly experienced drivers on public roads and racetracks. Beside his automotive work, Wim is currently working on a project supported by the German airforce entitled 'Pure Portraits of Airplanes'.

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