AD.LIPS Production Network

Dortmund - Photo and Film production

AD.LIPS is an international production network and representation agency for photographers and film-makers. The company's identity is networking: "it's not just about gathering different talents for a specific assignement, it's about creating a collective genius, gathering knowledge, skills, creativity, and expertise from all over the globe to work faster, leaner and create outstanding, authentic results."

Mixed with a creative and international approach, clients highly appreciate the company's hearty, service-oriented attitude typical of the Ruhr area of Germany.

AD.LIPS recently teamed up with an experienced producer based in Prague and also started producing 360° virtual reality content, as well as developing app and web-based solutions.

The agency currently works with photographers and film-makers from Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bristol, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and various Ruhr area locations, and is open for collaboration in German, English, Danish, Swedish and Czech.