GERMANY ISSUE 706 Jun 2018

Per Schorn Frankfurt People & Lifestyle Photographers and Directors

"This is the sickest photograph of me that I have ever found!“

This citation from a song by the band 'Painted Thin', is an inspiration to award-winning people photographer, Per Schorn. Based in Frankfurt a.M., he grew up in the punk rock scene of the late 90s, and likes to start an idea for a story through his photographs that will live on in the mind of the viewer.

His unique story-telling and feel for lighting is complemented by the expert team he assembes for every shoot. Assistants, producers, make-up artists, stylists - whoever is necessary for the perfect picture, everyone works hand-in-hand to create a beautiful image.

When Per is not working for clients he does personal work and teaches at university. He can also be found at concerts, where he regularly photographs bands in his self-built photo booth.

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