Elegant Elephant Studios

Dusseldorf - rental studios for photo & film and Events

Founded in Dusseldorf in 1985, Elegant Elephant Studios is one of the biggest photo studios in Germany, located on the premises of a former steel works.

The 2,800 m² space can accomodate film and photo productions for every type of client. From automobile to food, fashion and people photography, spaces range from smaller studios measuring 40 m² or large work spaces measuring more than 500 m².

Elegant Elephant also features professional mask rooms, hair washing sinks and showers, production offices, a workshop for set builders and a large coffee bar. For creative breaks and meetings, the studios have comfortable lounge areas seperate from the set.

Elegant Elephant also provides the appropriate rooms and, if needed, the necessary equipment for shoots as well as corresponding services to support a production with experienced photo assistants.