Simon Puschmann

Hamburg - advertising photographers & directors

Simon Puschmann loves shooting. Although most people have him down as "just“ a car photographer (and he loves his car photography, that goes without saying), he is pretty much an all-rounder in the best sense of the term - the jack of all trades of photography.

Simon began as a still life photographer working from his own studio for many years, before drifting into directing - winning a prestigious award from Sueddeutsche Zeitung - and then somehow slipped into car photography. It makes sense that he is now able to combine all of these fields, shooting and directing cars, still life, people and landscapes. Simon just cannot stop shooting and inventing.

His good friend and well known art director, Iain Ross, recently said: "Simon is beyond cool. He is very, very creative. Unique. Never resting. Not afraid. Always pushing the craft."