GERMANY ISSUE 824 Dec 2020

Nina Klein agency Berlin - Hamburg - Cologne - Munich styling, hair, makeup

NINA KLEIN, artist management for hair & make up and styling, represents artists across Germany, as well as international artists based in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris and Los Angeles. 

Latest work of Nina Klein Artists:

Stylist Adelaida Cue Bar for Vogue Czech, H&M Bianca Hartkopf for Vogue Germany, H&M Caroline Torbahn for Amica, stylist Christiane Graf for Cosmopolitan Germany, stylist Elcin Aiser for Vogue Ukraine, stylist Elke Dostal for Faces Magazine, stylist Jana Krentzlin for Harper’s Bazaar, stylist Jenny Gold and H&M Nadine Thoma for Smart, H&M Katharina Nitzpon for Hyundai Worldwide, H&M Melanie Schoene for Amica, stylist Miriam Diaz for Faces, stylist Natalia Witschke and grooming Tina Taii Schmoll for Sicky Magazine, stylist Tomislav Blaic and H&M Patricia Heck for Elle Arabia, stylist Elke Dostal and H&M Sarah Rabel for Vogue Ukraine, stylist Saskia Jung for Vogue Portugal, H&M Shirin Kürschner for Achtung, stylist Stefanie Klopf and H&M Bianca Hartkopf for Vogue Germany, stylist Tomislav Blaic and H&M Sabine Hoegerl for Elle Arabia.

''Thanks to all artists who kept it rolling in 2020 and created the balance between creativity, continuity and further development.

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