food und text studios

Munich - Food & Drink Photographers and Directors

food und text studios are known for their high-end food productions, both photo and video. Part of the studio is a spacious test kitchen - a hotspot for recipe and product development in Germany. Hans Gerlach and his team have been working very cautiously, but continuously, over the past year. Everyone is tested at all times, the studio offers lots of space to keep the distance. In addition, shooting supervision through shared screen and instant upload to the food und text server (to instantly check layouts while shooting) have helped to carry out long distance photo and video productions – with astonishing ease and comfort for team and customers.  

As a trained chef Hans is also well known for his food columns in Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, the supplement of Germany’s most important daily newspaper. His weekly column is a Gesamtkunstwerk, illustrated by food und text studios with videos and stills. If you are looking for culinary or visual input with a vision – ask Hans and his team, they will have the right ideas for you!

Recent work includes commercial still and moving image productions for companies like Siemens Home, Manz Deutsche Backofen Manufaktur, Giovanni Ferrari, Milkana and Brunch cheeses, Del Fiore Organic Ice Cream, Herbaria Organic Spices and Lysholm Linie Aquavit.