GERMANY ISSUE 875 Mar 2022

plush74 Berlin Location agencies and scouting services

"At PLUSH74, we believe that finding your perfect shooting locations should not only be easy and fun, but most of all surprising – every single time! After all, without the element of novelty, even the greatest creative brief can lead to just another boring commodity campaign.

Being the location aficionados that we are, we're always on the lookout for funky new spaces all around the world. But even in our home base Germany, we can't stop finding new shooting potential in every nook and cranny!

Whether it's a round, furry private home on the outskirts of Munich, a minimalist, highly curated gym in the heart of Berlin, or a brownstone 'American Dream' villa in southern Brandenburg, we'll take you on a world tour of location love – without ever leaving the country!

And the best part? Booking these spaces is just one direct request and a few clicks away."

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