hetzner. Produktion

Berlin - Photo & Film Production

hetzner.Produktion have been searching for the ideal package for a very long time: the best locations; the best casting; the best handling. This has already been successfully realised on countless photo and film productions in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

"hetzner.Produktion can guarantee optimal service and support for every production, so that every team member can concentrate on the essential areas and contribute to the best possible result: that's a promise!

Each individual project has its own peculiarities, therefore also deserves the highest level of attention and an individual approach. This is what hetzner.Produktion stands for: maximum flexibility.  hetzner.Produktion is solution-oriented and do not allow themselves to be frustrated by problems, or even to be held back. The task is to recognise challenges and solve them long before problems arise. The target is to produce in a cost-efficient and results-oriented manner, aided by experience and a constantly growing network. Service and advice have priority, and nothing works without communication and consultation.

Recent jobs:

  • Porsche with Benjamin Kaufmann, c/o Rockefeller & Göbbels
  • Mazda with Patrik Johall, c/o Rockefeller & Göbbels
  • eyes + more with Per Appelgreen, c/o Bosch Banrap
  • Coca-Cola commercial with Lee Film BCN in Munich
  • Eberspächer with Robert Westrich.