Rainer Häckl

Munich - Corporate, Portrait, Advertising and Sports Photographer

Munich-based photographer Rainer Haeckl loves capturing people, at work and spare time. Specialising in corporate, sports and advertising photography, Rainer is regularly commissioned to shoot for a variety of related projects by a broad range of clients. Putting his subjects at ease, Rainer shoots engaging portraits and captures real life moments in his unique and authentic style.

Before his career as professional photographer, Rainer worked as a graphic designer and art director. Therefore, he has a deeper understanding of the clients' side and needs in a production. Most of the post production work is done by himself.

Among his clients are leading global and local brands and ad agencies. Recent clients include BMW, GIGASET, smileX, RSU Rating Service Unit, miha bodytec, Watson Farley Williams, speedfitness, ACISO. He has a long-lasting working relationship with most of his clients.