[zerone] /cgi Hamburg photographers

[zerone] cgi and photographer Markus Wendler have worked on an assortment of cgi-projects over the past year. Two major assignments were for car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Saab.

A particularly complex shot was completed for the Mercedes-Benz Viano campaign. Taken at the 'Cranger Kirmes' and the 'Hamburger Dom', two famous German fairs, cgi was used to insert images of the vehicle into otherwise impossible environments. For another Mercedes-Benz campaign, one car was shot on location in the traditional sense while a second was later added to the picture using cgi technology.

For Saab, the vehicles where shot on location but the final images were embellished with computer-generated props.

[zerone] cgi also created portfolio work for Markus Wendler.

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