Hamilton R. Pereira Production Management

Germany - Portugal - Photo & Film Production

"We offer our services for photo and film production since 2003: high-class, worldwide, in every genre.

Based and rooted in Stuttgart and Lisbon, we have a wide network of experienced crews and suppliers in both countries. Working personalised, competent and in a service-oriented manner is our creed.

For productions in Portugal we have direct access to our own prop house in Lisbon - to support your production with high quality props and production equipment.

With our location archive we cover many kinds of locations in Germany and Portugal, and we support you also with our scouting service to find the special spot you are looking for.

Contact us if you want to book our complete production service including scouting, location management, arrangements and permitting. And if you are just looking for an indoor or outdoor location, whether it’s an office, palace, wild nature or whatsoever your project leads us to.

In this Showcase we take you to Portugal and give you a little insight in the first projects of the year.

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