GERMANY ISSUE 937 Oct 2023

Anatol Gottfried Germany - Spain Automotive and Lifestyle Photographers

Anatol Gottfried enthusiastically embraced the complete essence of his most recent visit to Manila, persisting in his ongoing collaboration with his friends from AME - Art Meets Education e. V.

AME is a non-profit organisation which empowers education through the lens of photography. In immersive workshops, children discover the art of self-expression using photography as their medium. The photographs they create find a platform in exhibitions and events, where they are showcased and made available for purchase. Every cent of the proceeds fuels AME's initiatives and projects. As a result, these young minds become architects of their own educational journey, securing funding for their schooling all the way through high school.

Art Meets Education identifies children who, due to financial constraints, are not attending school and thus stand to benefit the most from the project. In a workshop, they become familiar with the basics of photography, followed by a week during which the photographs are created. At the end of this phase, there is a curated exhibition that includes not only the children's works but also interviews and texts.

Anatol ventured alongside the children in their native environment and school, thoroughly documenting their experiences with the analog AGFA cameras.

Always eager for new experiences and exciting projects, Anatol is available to work anywhere in the world. Have a glimpse at his portfolio on his Instagram or website and give him a shout to rock your next production.

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