GERMANY ISSUE 937 Oct 2023

Mietstudio cologne-loft Cologne Rental Studios for Photo&Film

cologne-loft is situated within the confines of a repurposed old factory building, nestled in a courtyard that has been transformed into a luminous daylight studio with a truly distinctive ambiance.

With dimensions spanning 17m x 12m x 7m, the entire studio can swiftly be blacked-out, catering to the needs of film directors and photographers requiring precise control over their lighting. Underfloor heating ensures a cozy environment, while the building's insulation lends itself to superb acoustics for live sound recordings. The studio boasts a robust 32-amp voltage supply.

Two rooms serve dual purposes as makeup and dressing rooms, and a small rooftop garden terrace adds an extra dimension to the space. The well-appointed walk-in kitchen is perfect for culinary photo shoots and exudes its own unique charm.

Equipped with an array of props, the studio is poised to meet the diverse requirements of any successful production. Conveniently located at ground level, it offers easy accessibility for delivery vehicles, and the courtyard is capable of accommodating up to five cars, secured from the street by a roll-up gate.

Beyond its versatility as a setting for film scenes, TV shows, and advertising campaigns, cologne-loft offers a highly personalized atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for photographers, workshops, and business seminars alike.

For inquiries, you can contact Mike via email or call him at +49 221 60608778.

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