Haedler + Haedler Munich equipment rent

Haedler+Haedler offers photographic professionals a wide range of equipment for all types of photo production, “all from one source”.

Their list of available equipment for rental includes:

  • Profoto, Briese, Bron lighting equipment
  • Arri Tungsten and HMI daylight, CMT
  • Chimera soft boxes, California + Avenger Bounce-systems
  • Canon digital cameras, Phase One Back + H2 Hasselblad system
  • Pentax 67 II + Hasselblad analogue cameras
  • Lee filter program, Hama, Savage and Bulkton foto backgrounds

They also supply accessories for use on location: effect machines, heaters, air conditioning, styrene walls etc. Additionally, they are a European importer of Foldit Location hand trucks.

Their 670 m² rental shop/studio is in Munich, and is backed up by a nearly 24-hour service that includes weekends and public holidays.

Haedler+Haedler´s aim is to be the professional photographer’s partner in the heart of Europe covering rent, rental studio, service and sale.

** New service for clients of Haedler+Haedler in Munich: when booking in advance, clients get the option to use the Canon Camera Body EOS 1Ds Mark II backup service for just 70€ per day plus insurance. This is a reduction from 130€ per day plus insurance. The Camera Body comes checked, cleaned and sealed in a foil bag.

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