Serkan Sedele

Istanbul - photographers

Coming from a family of three generations of photographers, Serkan Sedele began his photography career with a plastic camera when he was only 14 years old. The Sedele family established their first studio in 1932 and Serkan initially photographed his mother’s jewellery. With his first professional camera he took a picture of a friend skateboarding, which was eventually entered into a contest and won the special jury prize.

Beginning his professional career by shooting industrial and still life photos, Serkan later began specialising in fashion and advertising photography. Commenting that he still feels the same excitement that he felt back in his amateur days, he also transfers his ever-increasing desire for storytelling to his short movie projects.

Serkan currently works at his studio in Istanbul where he focuses on photography, commercial and viral shoots, as well as personal art projects.

He is currently represented by 101 Production.