A photographic story by Stefano Torrione: A race run along the two Alte Vie routes in Valle d’Aosta, embracing the whole region, at the foot of the giants of the Alps: Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Gran Paradiso and the Matterhorn. "This is a route OF giants and FOR giants," Stefano points out, because anyone intending to embark upon an enterprise such as this requires more than just training: this is an adventure that takes great inner strength and staying power. Hence the name, Tor des Géants: neither French nor Italian, but patois, symbolising the strong local identity of this project, which the Region welcomed with open arms.

Tor des Géants in figures: 330 kilometers; positive altitude difference of 24,000 meters; 79 hours the fastest man and 91 hours the fastest woman.

Photos, project and graphic design by SIMEphoto. Contact the agency for more details.