Milan - Photo & Film Production

"THE BIGMAMA is a full service production company based in Milan. We take inspiration from the culinary world, because we believe that production is like cooking: you need the best ingredients, mixed by a skilled chef.

We provide tasty audiovisual production services for commercial, video and photographic communication and cook with cool, fresh ingredients: directors, photographers, DoPs, screenwriters, art directors and copywriters from the best cropfields around the world!

We take care of every aspect of the recipe, from pre-production to shooting and post-production, always collaborating with the industry’s top professionals. As part of our services, we also offer to research the best celebrity to match any client's identity, and to make the connection for a successful endorsement deal.

Available throughout the country thanks to our long-time experience in the field, through our in-house post-production and motion graphics department we can also provide creative solutions for clients requiring infographic videos, event introduction titles, or web content.

We can operate anywhere in Italy and have extensive knowledge of the best locations. We’re always open to exciting new projects and eager to consolidate profitable and long-lasting professional relationships."