ITALY ISSUE 744 Mar 2019

Azzurra Piccardi Milan photographers

Freelance international fashion imagery producer Azzurra Piccardi graduated in Fashion Design from the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and then specialised in beauty and fashion photography at the School of Visual Art in New York.

Visual communication is an integral part of Azzurra's production of images for the fashion industry. She aims to create emotions by using storytelling directed to the clients of the brand, and to find a dynamic balance between formal or conceptual beauty.

Azzurra collaborates with communication agencies and web clients including Braccialini, Sturlini, Helvita Suisse, Wella, Graziella, Ugg, Ascot Sport, Angelo Marani, Mano Swartz, Copenhagen Fur, Bramante, Saga Fur, Arezzo Wave, Afyda Antara, Pitti, Flower Couture, and many others.

She has a long list of awards and important publications, including the Prix de la Photographie de Paris (PX3), the International Photography Award (IPA), Vogue Italia and Elle, to name just a few. Some of her images are part of the new talent collection of Art + Commerce and Vogue Italia, indicate her as a talent to be discovered.

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