ITALY ISSUE 774 Oct 2019

Location Master Milan locations

Location Master was founded by Stefano Biraghi more than 15 years ago with the idea of providing the best support for movies, TV shows, commercials, documentaries, reality shows, corporate, photo shoots and events in Italy and abroad.

Location Master has since created a huge network of strong connections with international gear rental, vendors, locations, authorities, constructors, theatres and much more. The company only works with the best English-speaking crew members, allowing easy communication between local crew and HODs coming from abroad.

Its location database contains a huge variety of options including Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome and Naples, as well as villas, castles, country roads, deserts, mountains, coastal roads, cities, industrial architecture, délabré locations, modern architecture, museums, restaurants, dams, tunnels, lakes, glaciers, quarries, forests, luxury hotels, terraces and much, much more.

"We can source any request from the most demanding professionals."

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